Our unique method for ”on the job training” creates direct and durable results. We work on your promises, together with you in your everyday situations. We provide support and coaching for your employees on the spot in connection to the daily operations.
War room is an successful model for maximizing the results of your sales campaigns. The method relies on a clearly goal-driven, direct coaching and visualization of the results.
Ambio can provide an unique solution for education and introduction of new employees through the Internet. Trough a Training Center the employee can either before or during the employment access many different training materials, movies, texts and presentation for self-studies. The system is folder-based similiar to the Explorer in Windows. After the employee has completed an assignment a test can be conducted where the result will automatically be passed on the the manager in charge. The pages are owned by you and are access through an easy-to-use administration interface.
analyticsIn an client analysis we conduct an deep analysis of your client base: Which needs do they have? Which are your key success factors? Which are your weaknesses? Through our clinics we bridge the gap between clients and suppliers and develop more and larger businesses.
speech If you want to overwin your fear of speaking to crowds and at the same time become an better and more interesting speaker it is required to do more than just look at speech, body language and presentational techniques. We dig down deeper in the world of rhetorics and look at what factors creates fear and anxiety – the root of the problem. We are available to help businesses, organisations and private individuals that wants to develop themselves and become more confident on stage – and in the long run more confident in themselves.

Together we develop the strategical and operational objectives of the directorate. We provide everything from the constitution and structure of the directorate together with guidance in the daily operations & business strategy.

Kick-off or conference? We conduct speeches and seminars in trending topics within sales, leadership and communication.
Sometimes the organization might need an injection of vitamines into the system, either in the long run or during a fixed period. We can work with management positions within your organization during with an interim agreement, both within daily operations as well as business strategy.