We are not “binder consultants”. We are not stuck in a certain concept, method or flow. We can adapt our training sessions with a variety of different models, examples and theories based on how an education is developed. We are not afraid to change the subject or change the flow if the situation and the participants demand it.

We have solid experience of what it takes to succeed in major development programs at both Swedish, Nordic and global levels. We also know what makes it sometimes fail. We have experience from virtually all industries, which means that we have a benchmark from the most successful customer sales organizations.

We have a proven experience, track record and strong references when it comes to developing our customers’ sales organizations in a complex sales environment.

Ambio’s consultants are seniors both in business and in life. We are experienced as brave, forward-leaning, down-to-earth and fun. In principle, all customers that we started to cooperate with in 2002 are still customers to us today, proving that we are long-term, serious and that we are constantly developing.

The Ambio Sales Cockpit is the way of future competence development. We are not stuck in a classic module thinking with 2 + 2 + 2 days and project work. For us, competence development involves a combination of shorter video sessions, live webinars, break-out sessions, in-house trainers, half-days and sometimes even classical teacher-led training.